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Iam Farahnaaz and iam an Author, freelancer, Content Developer, Research

 and Digital Marketing Professional.

My Qualification: I have done my Masters from English literature and a Diploma in Social media Marketing and SEO.

I have also done many online educational courses on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Premiere Pro and also an academic course on English creative writing.

My Talents and Skills: I have a passion to write since the childhood days I wrote many poems and short stories during my school and college days. Apart from writing I also create designs, tutorials, and wonderful videos using my Photoshop and premiere pro.

My work experience: During my college days I was a home tutor who taught English to small children. And then I volunteered in many missionary convent schools as an English tutor, I grabbed a Gold medal in college for doing top in English literature.

 I have worked in a Private firm known as Pacific overseas as a US Visit visa consultant in the year 2014

and then I worked in Y-Axis overseas from 2015 till January 2017 as a new employee`s work Research Expert and Email Auditor. From February 2017 till December 2018 I was an online freelancer at Fiverr and a Kindle Self-published Author. From December 2018 till now I am a content Developer and Digital Marketing Executive at 

My History and Background:

Iam an Indian and a common 30 something woman who aims high and dreams big my motive is to create a miracle for this world. I have a creative mind that generates creative ideas and this talent helps me to create wonderful content.

fakeeha is my fantasy garden, fakeeha is my dream and garland, fakeeha is my fantasy land

it did not happen to me sudden

fakeeha is my dream heartiest creation

fakeeha is my true feelings and emotion!

if you want to read more about my blog just check out my about us page!

Creative mind

Creative ideas

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House of envy is sour

House of compassion is always adored

i brought for you fakeeha my house of compassion my fantasy garden.

When I set up fakeeha there was a dream in my eyes that one day my blog would be on the top list due to its high-quality content lovely designs and wonderful creations, ebooks, articles, videos, tutorials, and more.

My passion for creating miracles drives me to create this blog.

I promise to bring to you all something very unique, fresh, exceptional, and out of this world. Contact me to grab my freebies for you.