Clean inner heart to achieve spirituality

Clean inner heart 

Our hearts are sick with lusts, greed and worldly desires and our hearts are filled with filth, dirt, envy, jealousy, hatred, proud, anger and fear and our hearts have stick like glue to this World and crave for fame, name and money.

 There is no place in a human heart for pure remembrance of Allah and in Quran Allah says “Verily hearts find peace only in the remembrance of Allah.” Now we must know why our hearts beat so high? Why we suffer from intense fear and anxiety? Why we are so sad and depressed? The answer is we do not remember Allah and we are so busy in our job, careers, competition, fame, status, prestige and money, future plans property and many other stuff we do not create time for Allah.

 Allah says in Quran “If you remember me i will remember you.” There are steps to be taken to Clean inner heart to achieve spirituality and a direct close connection with Allah. First step is to clean our minds from dirty filthy thoughts : Let`s call it romantic fantasies to avoid being nasty here.

 This is very hard especially for youth because when we are young we are filled with lots of vitality, vibrant and youthful energy and passion and our hearts are filled with desires. A young man or woman can easily become attracted and infatuated by beautiful young girl or boy respectively.

 After studying and doing much research online i came to know that the thoughts which crosses our minds and pass by is forgiven but the romantic thoughts which we consciously call to mind and purposely engage ourselves in lustful thoughts for pleasure is a great sin.

 It wastes our time, our energy, and make us prone to fatigue, headaches, acidity and other digestive problems and gift us with acne. So if you are person who engage yourself in lustful thoughts then remind yourself that you are sinning and ask Allah to forgive you.

 Clean your inner heart to achieve spirituality and clean this junk away from your mind then see how peaceful you will feel full of energy and vitality.

 These thoughts are robbing away your life force energy and snatching away your youthful energy and giving you fatigue and acne as a gloomy gift. Second step to Clean inner heart to achieve spirituality is to clean your heart from Anger, hatred, doubts, proud, Envy and jealousy and forgive people and forgive yourself, have compassion for yourself and others and just let go everything which bothers you.

 Allah loves you more than 70 loving mothers imagine how infinitely Allah loves you, stand in front of Allah and offer a sincere nafeel prayer of repentance and make Duaa for yourself and every other soul. And then watch some miracle will happen in your life because you have already clean your inner heart from filth, dirt and other negative emotions which was harming your heart and making you distant from Allah and blind to your faith.

 Now the final step to be taken to Clean inner heart to achieve spirituality is clean your inner self from ego that is to clean your heart from worldly desires, The desire and greed to eat tasty food which leads to gluttony, The desire to wear fashionable clothes and compete with others in the society, the desire to acquire status, fame and name and the desire to become rich.

 And laziness and desire to have a peaceful long sleep at night. All these desires are blocking your heart from becoming closer to Allah. They busy you so much in this world that you forget about this world hereafter, our Aakhirath.

 When your heart is free from all these physical desires,dirty thoughts, evil emotions and worldly desires then include zikr of Allah in it then you will see miracles happening daily in your life. You will become the friend of Allah someone who obeys Allah and remembers him, someone whose heart beats only for Allah and someone whose heart does not raise up just because you saw beautiful girl or handsome man or someone whose heart does not beat to eat that delicious tandoori chicken.

 You must have noticed how difficult every step is? Really it is very difficult to forgo your ego for Allah. A young person cannot let go their fantasies and they just cannot leave their movies, games, friends and the time they spend in chit-chatting, partying and taking selfies to show up their fashionable garments. It is so hard to clean their inner heart from this world.

 And second step is even more difficult than first An egoistic person cannot forgive, and let go when others do something wrong with them, they just cannot submit and bow down. They cannot listen and obey and have their own minds. It is very difficult to have patience at traumatic times.

 So cleaning your heart from all stubbornness, anger, fear, and proud is a great achievement. Third and final step is the most hardest and most difficult than all the steps. Nobody can easily sacrifice their own self for Allah, they want to enjoy life and eat well, sleep well and look well all the time. Nobody can get up in the middle of the night and pray Tahajjud and recite Quran.

 Nobody can cry in their prostrations at night time and sacrifice their good night sleep. Very few can fast every Monday and Thursdays and follow sunnath of our Prophet Mohammed (saw)

 Very few can let go fashion, fame and name for Allah. A heart pure and clean and who is filled with the remembrance of Allah finds infinite joy indescribable to this worldly people.            

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