Eating drinking right way follow sunnah

Eating drinking right way

Eating drinking right way and following sunnah is really very important because negative effects of eating and drinking in a wrong ways are huge and broad.

It has been reported that”Those who drink water hastily when standing and not starting with Bismillah are actually drinking the Satan`s urine which creates many diseases inside the body.”And those who hurry and drink water in gulps hastily depresses the nervous system and suffer from dizziness.

See There is a contradiction among islamic scholars some say Prophet Mohammed (saw) advised to drink water while sitting and some say some Hadith prove that he drank water sometimes while standing.

The correct view is regarding Zam Zam water.It has been said whenever you drink Zam Zam you must stand up and drink it and Prophet Mohammed (saw) drank only Zam Zam water while standing

but if you are drinking normal drinking water then you must sit and drink as it is disliked by Our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) to drink while standing, walking and hastily.

The correct way of drinking water in a sunnah style is

1- Drinking while sitting

2- Always seeing in light before drinking, it is prohibited to drink in dark.

3- Drinking with a right hand.

4- Saying Bismillah before drinking.

5- Drinking slowly while taking breathes in small sips

.6- Saying Alhumdulillah after finishing

7- Not leaving and throwing the drinking water.

Now Eating as you have known i have covered vastly on this topic before i have written a whole long article in following sunnah way of eating food.Eating drinking right way in sunnah way plays a significant role in our lives.

One-thing which some Muttaqeen and Islamic scholars say is eating while walking and standing creates digestive problems and disturbs the system.

It has also been said many people suffer from chronic illnesses because of eating while standing in a hurry way without even saying Bismillah because when you are eating without saying Bismillah Shaitan eats and drinks with you and just when you utter Bismillah Shaitan vomits then and there and runs away from there.

That is why Eating drinking right way and following our Prophet Mohammed (saaw) will save us from countless diseases, pains and problems in life.

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