Expectations destroys life

Expectations destroys life

Mohiuddin jeelani Peerane peer Ghouse Azam Dastegeer (Rahmat ullalayi) said

“Do not expect anything from creation of Allah and expect always good from Allah.”

This is an ultimate truth because it is our expectations which sometimes prove to be the major cause of destruction and disunion of our lives.You have complaints about people and just notice your complaints are based on expectations and it`s main foundation is expectations.

Expectations destroys life and they do just read why?

If those expectations which people have are not fulfilled a man become disappointed, furious and frustrated about life. He try his best to convince the opposite person so that they fulfill his expectations. If nothing happens he hold grudges inside his heart against that person, deliver curses from mouth and takes wrong steps.People often destroys their life by their own hands because of impractical expectations which they have from People.It is a beautiful quote from Ghouse paak(R.A) to expect only from Allah and not from the creation of Allah and if you expect from Allah`s creation then what you will get is only disappointment and hopelessness, complaints, grudges and feuds and nothing-else.A man would be much more happy if he stops expecting anything from people and expecting only from Allah.A husband expects his wife to be all-rounder and super woman whereas she cannot be any all-rounder and super woman, she is a imperfect woman who can make mistakes and learn but a man expects her to be sometimes a fairy and an angel and the fact is she cannot be fairy and an angel she is a human who has to go and attend the nature calls and had to take bath and she can even smell bad because of over work, when she gets tired, she had to sleep and she cannot listen to your stories always.

It is very ironical and hidden truth to note many people are allergic to strong expectations the stronger your expectation is the stronger their resistance would be, the more you expect the more they will disappoint and when you stop expecting they will surprise you.

Expectations destroys life and they have already destroyed many lives till now.

Life would be much simple and Easy if a Man starts expecting only from Allah and not from his creation.Sometimes these expectations can even break the families, so be cautious if you are expecting anything from anyone

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