Expensive wastage in marriage ceremonies

Expensive wastage in marriage ceremonies

Expensive wastageDo you know how much money, time and sweat a single wedding waste?

If that loads of money can be utilized to help the poor and needy then there will be no poor people in this world.Allah gives us food to eat, earn, share and care but most of the food in weddings goes to waste and this is not enough to put icing on the cake the food which is prepared in weddings is not healthy and nutritious

. The food which is served contains high amount of cheap oil, cheap fats, loads of sugars and salty things which raises blood pressure, creates palpitations, and lays heavy on your chest and stomachs and ultimately goes into toilet the next day.

The spice in the food is only for taste and pleasure and there is no health and goodness in that food.

And people show so much of carelessness to food that they leave so much of food in their plates, make everything dirty and get up from their seats after eating dinner.

Some people could not even eat calmly because of noise and public and their heavy make up and glittering clothes.The food is so rich that it increases cholesterol levels and harming the general public.

Expensive wastage of this era the poor people cannot eat it and rich people cannot get benefit from it then to whom we are fooling?
Are we fooling ourselves? Or are we fooling someone who cannot have it?

Next Expensive wastage creator is decorations, people spend so much of money in decorating stage and dining area, If you are so much concerned about the outer decorations why don`t you decorate yourself from inside by being helpful to others, much money is wasted only in decorating which does not last long and it is only for few hours.If you want your marriage to be beautiful and sacred then perform the marriage ceremony in a beautiful sacred masjid or some divine place as you don`t even need to decorate and waste your time in those non-sense decorations.

Next Expensive wastage creator is dowry

Now a days its a style of people from boys side to ask for financial help from girls side saying that it is only for your daughters and her husbands good and they are not getting anything from it. And one more style of asking dowry is gifts, they make an excuse that whatever they give as a gift from girls side with their own happiness they will accept and secretly they present a long list of help and gifts to the girl`s parents.

People are making marriage a business of giving and taking and behaving as if they have a property and it is their responsibility to sell it or buy it.Another senseless Expensive wastage of money is entertainment in weddings:

In modern days people have started new ceremonies and celebrations, the old ceremonies were only enough to eat our brains and give us headache because of not sleeping at night like Saanchak, mehndi and Manjey.

And now one more added Bridal shower it seems, and also on valima day they arrange DJ Music band,where group of people sing and dance on stage and entertain people, or a ghazal program where ghazal singer sings on stage.

They do not even leave the day of Nikah where people from the boy`s side come with Band Baaja, burning crackers, beating drums, music and creating much noise pollution to irritate, bother and also annoy others especially our own neighbors.

See by doing this we are displeasing Allah and our Rasool Allah (SAW)Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) never celebrated Birthdays, anniversaries and he never performed marriage ceremonies in this way.

If we follow sunnah ways of doing wedding then there will be much peace, calm and serenity in weddings. There will be so much of divinity and sacredness on Nikah and there will be so much beauty and joy on Valima.

And there will be no Expensive wastage due to non-sense ceremonies and such wastage.

How much money is wasted in burning crackers, and in these DJ Music and ghazal programs just imagine that money would have helped someone who is fighting life and death in hospital and could not pay the hospital bills.
Think about others before wasting up money in pleasures.Because your little effort can fulfill the needs of many starving people on earth who die daily because of hunger.

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