Fake trap of cosmetics and fashion and modern technology

Fake trap cosmetics and the delusion of modern technology and fashion.The Man is getting fooled by companies thinking that world has developed technically:

The Man is a fool to think today world has achieved so much of success, the world has gone till moon and has developed technologically.

This view of developed world is a delusion because the truth the world has become more artificial and has lost its originality, everything has become business here and everyone`s aim is to become successful and earn profits.

No one is genuinely concerned about the true welfare of people.And mostly it is woman who are easily fooled by cosmetics and cosmetics business men

.Recently one actress has gone through plastic surgery of her face and it was really a disaster.The smile has to come from the heart and it has to be genuine and if a smile can be plastic then everything in this world is plastic.

I rarely go to beauty parlors but once when i developed black heads and some acne on my face i went for a facial in a well known expensive beauty parlor of my area and they charged me 3000 and 500 for facial and black heads removal and i became a fool and paid such a big amount, what results i got is my skin instead of becoming good it became like someone has scratched the epidermis of my face means the skin`s upper part.it became so dry and whenever i touch i could feel that it has been scratched and now it`s been almost 2 years since that facial happened i still feel that dryness till now my skin did not change so see we think today we have achieved so much of success, technology has improved but this world has improved only to make their own profits and to harm the general public in reality.

And we think that today we are living in a better world, we have mobile phones, laptops, wifi and microwave to tell the truth the rays of mobile phones, wifi, laptops, tablets and microwaves are so harmful that these rays are even causing cancer to some people. And cheap mobile phones and laptops can blast anytime so be cautious.

We think yesterday olden days people were fools and illiterates and they do not know fashion, they do not know how to use modern technology and such stuff but i tell in olden days people were better than us,

their health was better than us because they ate what is organic and nutritious, diseases were very less so the solution to these diseases were not found, in olden days people were more connected to nature and they were even better spiritually because nature brings us closer to Allah and calms our senses.

High heels and jeans: Now a days girls think that they are wearing jeans which increases their beauty and make them look so young and lovely but the fact is jeans reveal your body a lot and it is so tight that it blocks the proper blood circulation and passing of oxygen on to the skin of legs.

And high heels girls think they look so beautiful and delicate wearing pencil heels and the truth is these high heels given them pain in their soles and send them away from the ground and harm the health of a girl.

When your soles are not touching the grounds, internally a person will be somewhere else flying in their own imagination and being some one artificial uttering foreign language and forgetting mother tongue,we must at-least respect and use our mother tongues but they think in modern styles and put in garbage their own languages and culture and try to become expert in other country`s languages and culture

For example cutting cakes and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries

Did you ever think?Does Islam teach us to cut the cakes on birthdays and anniversaries?Does our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) did that?Then why do we do that?To whom we are following our culture or modern culture?Fake trap cosmetics and modern technology and this fashion, they are only giving us distress and wasting up our precious time and hard-earned money.

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