Great connection between hunger and divinity

Hunger Divinity great connection

 Now what is that great connection between Hunger and Divinity the truth is 

“Hunger Divinity great connection”

First i want to tell you that the group of people who cannot be hungry The people who cannot remain hungry like old, poor and sick are an exception but apart from those people the most envious and greedy people cannot handle hunger for long,

 their hearts crave for food and drink and they cannot handle anything when they are hungry because they are always thinking of food and feeling greedy and also envious towards the people who are eating freely.

 It is said “Those who eat a lot, sleep a lot and talk a lot are friends of Satan.” And “Those who eat less sleep less and talk less are friends of Allah.”

 So if you want to become a friend of Allah then eat less and practice regular fasting in your life as our Prophet Mohammed(saw) use to fast every Mondays and Thursdays and every 13, 14 and 15 of month.

 And sleep less our Prophet Mohammed (saw) slept early after inshaa Prayer and woke up in the middle of the night to offer night prayers and recited Quraan in the night and after praying Witr he again slept and woke up for Fajr prayer.

 What we are doing? we sleep late and do not even care to wake up for fajr. Third one is to talk less our Prophet Mohammed (saw) never engaged himself in gossip and loose talk and he never laughed awkwardly louder and never laughed a lot.

 It is Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (saw) not to talk after inshaa and sleep early. But today we can see people are going to late night parties and engaging themselves in gossips and loose talk and listening to music. It is a famous saying of our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) 

that “Most of your sins are only because of your tongues.”

He also said “Those who guarantee me that they will guard and protect what is between the jaws and your two thighs from sins i will guarantee them paradise,”

 There is tongue between our jaws and private parts between your thighs. If followed this is a great saying of our Prophet Mohammed (saw) In one Hadees Our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) says “Those who remain silent have saved himself.”

 Now the main point Hunger Divinity great connection Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) says “The one who is closest to Allah is the one who can handle hunger a lot.”

 It means when we are hungry we are closest to our Allah and still we do not like hunger as it is very important because it makes us very close to our creator who shows mercy on us.

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