Hack sleep follow sunnah style of sleeping

Hack sleep follow sunnah style

First i want to discuss why we suffer from sleep problems.The main reason why we could not sleep properly is because of stress.

Just imagine if you are thinking and taking tension you could not sleep, if you are forcing yourself to sleep you are not sleeping because sleep is very loyal to it`s duty it only comes when we loyally sleep and only sleep and do not do anything else.

Which means when we are thinking and forcing we are not sleeping we are doing something else and that is we are engaging ourselves in thoughts and tension which follows it.

Sleep comes when we close our mind and shut down the computer of our mind for sometime and then open it only when it`s time to wake-up.

One more reason of not getting sleep is if we sleep empty stomach, because empty stomach produce more acid and sometimes inflammation and so because of this reason too we could not sleep.

Or if we sleep just after having a large meal. If you sleep just after eating dinner then you will suffer from indigestion, inflammation, belching, gaseous and other digestive problems.

And when we feel heavy in our stomach`s we could not get comfortable sleep.Another reason is when we do not sleep on time or sleep late and yawn and nap  sitting on the chair at workplace through out the whole day

.This reason is less discussed some people also cannot sleep because they are lazy and do not work-hard or exercise during the day, as they are never tired they take long to fall asleep.

And one more tiny reason for not getting sleep at night is when you drink coffee at night or eat multi-vitamins tablets at night this can cause sleep deprivation because the brain cells gets hyper activated due to tea, coffee or those strong vitamins they get extra-strength as the brain is not tired and extra-energetic it do not sleep.

Now let`s look in detail how to Hack sleep follow sunnah style and have a quality and comfortable sleep without trying hard.

1- Pray inshaa: This prayer is very important as our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said those who pray inshaa will get a peaceful sleep at night.

Otherwise angels would be displeased with the person who do not pray inshaa.

2- Eat dinner after Maghreeb and eat light meal:

Eat your dinner early just after praying Maghreeb and eat light meal.Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) never ate full stomach and he loved simple and light food and he did not appreciate eating large and heavy meals.When you eat your dinner early and light your stomach will feel light and you will get a good night sleep.

3- Cure for tension and popping up of thoughts inside the mind:

Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) was an early sleeper and early riser, he never spoke after offering inshaa, and just after inshaa he use to go to bed and sleep.When you do not discuss about problems and maintain silence, those thoughts do not come and disturb your sleep.Another cure for night thoughts and tension and nightmares is following the sunnah style of sleeping.

a- Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) use to do wuzu before sleeping

b- He use to do Miswak before sleeping.

c- He use to change and wear night suit when going for sleep.d- he use to sweep his bed thrice and clean before going to bed.

e- He use to recite Sureh ikhlaas, falaq and naas and spit on his hands and wipe his whole body, he use to do this three times separately.For detailed information

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