Intentions are more powerful than law of attraction

yes you are correct i told you

intention is heavier than Law of attraction!

Hey guys, I am making a post on my blog after a long time. I was researching and watching videos on the law of attraction and energy vibrations, positive thoughts and all such stuff but I think there are two emotions which are way far too important than positive thoughts, and the law of attraction that is our believes and power of intention. The best example to show that Intention is heavier than law of attraction is, You want to do the job for money but deep inside your soul you have no intention of devoting and dedicating your precious time say your 8 hours of the day at workplace then no matter how hard you try you will fail in your interview because you actually have no intention of doing it inside you.

And i have also noticed there are many things which can easily block the law of attraction techniques, like your own doubting mind can block it, your negative thoughts, believes and selfishness can block the law of attraction, most of all an emotion of neediness, desperateness to have anything and a feeling of scarcity is the most powerful blockage to the law of attraction and if you have all these emotions then it is impossible for you to manifest anything inspite of being regular in your affirmations, and regular in listening to audio hypnosis and visualization techniques everything just go in vain if and only if you have got negative mind and no powerful intention of devotion towards that task as everything requires consistency to develop into a big thing and menifestation also requires consistency and it is not the way that you are just sitting and dreaming all positive things and hoping that it will take place in reality,

 No! This is not so, you have got to be consistent and take action then only you can attract what you want in your real life. Believes are also very powerful emotion if you practice daily affirmations and visualize yourself as receiving an award for your creativity then also it cannot manifest if you do not believe that it will happen in reality. So always have powerful and positive beliefs and strong intention to dedicate and devote yourself for the tasks which you are doing in your life.      

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