law o attraction negative harmful effects

Law o attraction  In today`s modern world people are going crazy about law of attraction but i present to you the harsh truth about it. The negative effects of law o attraction. 

The wasteful visualization technique of Law o attraction:

Visualization and putting up images in your mind deliberately can give you headaches and can even snatch away your energy and waste up your precious time with no good results and nothing happening in future. So do not waste your energy and time in imagining things, you will end up living in imaginary world and lose your alertness, intelligence, quickness and presence of mind. Very soon people will call you dumb or the one who is always in another world. 

Mad positive affirmation Law o attraction technique:

How do you react when you look at the man walking on the street murmuring something to himself the so called positive affirmations or what do you say people who sit for meditation and you observe they are muttering something to themselves the so called famous positive affirmations. And what opinion you have about the record of your voice which you listen daily uttering matters as if they already happening to you and you achieved all your goals in present. People will call you mad if they notice your voice speaking of something never happened as if already happened. For example iam the great athletic person of the whole world. People know you are skinny and not athletic at all. 

Stupid Law o attraction encourages lustful thoughts:

It is recommended by some Law o attraction gurus that if you want to bring your dream partner into your life then practice imagining you are already with her or him and this encourages lustful thoughts and romantic fantasies which are spoiling the youth of the society and forget about getting something on the top they are to lose their beauty and youthful energy and time because they spend lot of time affirming, visualizing and fantasizing and all their youthful energy gets wasted in this wasteful technique. They develop health issues because they have low energy levels and slow immune system and they also develop lot of acne and become lean. Why to waste energy in this stupid technique instead go to gym eat healthy and become fit and deserving personality for such a dream partner. 

Law o attraction ruins faith and blocks spirituality:

The famous quote of Law o attraction everything is energy, this universe is created by infinite energy and thoughts are energy.

 Where is our belief and faith in Allah goes. People stopped praying and becoming closer to god instead they think what we think we become so think and attract new things in life. People have forgotten the life after death, we have to answer Allah and he will decide our permanent destination.

 Some people have even started doing white magic in the name of Law o attraction like practicing word power by utilizing moon energy and use of certain stones and things which is totally sin and Allah says in Quraan Those who practice magic will not have any share in the hereafter.

 If we ask them they say it is my positive affirmations with moons to achieve this goal or that goal and they say nothing will happen as they are not harming anybody but they are causing major harm to their own souls, Allah will be displeased with them and their hereafter is totally destroyed for temporary pleasures of this world which is equal to good for nothing 4 days world.

 Prophet Mohammed (saw) If someone tries to change Islam and bring new innovations in deen they are already lost. Islam do not permit something which has not been practiced by our Prophet Mohammed (saw) and these innovation for your own good can only harm you and do not have any power to do any good for you in the long term.

 Now what really works Iam not saying Law o attraction do not work it does work but what results it brings is for a very short term and even if we achieve our goal it do not last and moves away. Intention of a person is stronger than any law o attraction and their believes is even more powerful than intentions.

 For example if some one believe strongly that you cannot cook well and you have got a good intention inside your heart to serve them tasty food.

 Whatever you say they misunderstand and assume and no matter how hard you try with good intention things do not work out well and you end up burning up that parathha because someone believed so strongly you cannot cook well.

 So you see beliefs are stronger than intentions and intentions are stronger than law o attraction and silly things involved with that technique which will only give you a name as a mad person in the whole planet.

 For example if you have good intention of helping people god will help you to help people. if you intent strongly to go on a pilgrimage with pure heart, your good intention will be answered by Allah and he will call you in his place.

 But if someone have strong belief that you cannot do well as believes are more stronger it can have a negative effect on your mind because of his wrong belief.

 One more thing which i observed does work out is inspiration when you are strongly inspired by someone and want to become like them or want to have a lifestyle like them, you can become like them by doing hard-work. And one hidden technique which correctly works out subconsciously is what you see daily you attract I noticed in my childhood days two horror shows use to come one in zee and another in sony tv it was zee horror show and aahat respectively.

 We use to become super excited to watch that stuff and what results we got we attracted 3 haunted apartments after some years and had to suffer and change our flats frequently. This is really true but it was temporary but damn scary Man.

 And another real thing which has worked out for me unknowingly was i wrote one beautiful romantic fairytale when we write we create beautiful images in our mind automatically no need of trying hard to visualize, i realized i wrote that story with lot of passion and after some years i happened to visit New York and Cincinnati Ohio and those places where so beautiful exactly like i was in one of my fairyland and those beautiful people all around me like fairies and fairaaaahhhs what more we can call to males. lol

 But it was also temporary iam back to my hometown. So in my opinion we must look out for something permanent and long lasting and one thing which i found permanent beneficial and long lasting is my devotion and love for Allah and my prayers and good deeds. That`s it.                       

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