Miswak eyes rub massage the cure for laziness

Miswak eyes rub massage

Miswak eyes rub massage

Many people suffer from bad mouth odors problems, they use mouth wash and it only give them temporary relief and if they forget to use it the bad odor comes again from their mouths.

Some also suffer from laziness and also yellow teeth, no matter how hard they brush their teeth their teeth always remains yellow and looks dirty.You do not need to spend loads of money to make your teeth white and free from bad odor and you do not need to spend bucks and make efforts to make a costly smoothie for your laziness. You do not need to do all these stuff you just need to follow the simple ways of our Prophet Mohammed (saw).

He gave us priceless advise and guide us towards the truth. He showed us the right way to live life.Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) use to keep Miswak brush beside his pillow while sleeping.
And this is an unique hadees which is less popular as soon as our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) wakes up he use to make duaa,”Alhumdulillahilazi ahyana baadama amaatana wailaihinnushoor.”And then he use to rub his eyes, lightly massage his body, take the miswak in his hands
and go and do miswak first thing early morning with the wuzu.
It has been scientifically proved that rubbing your eyes helps in removing the laziness and dullness.
And light massage helps in healing body pains and give boosting energy. Sometimes you must have observed when we move quickly hurrying from our blanket we get a nerve catch i remembered once my neck got a big catch in the morning when i quickly got up and gave it a jerk. Dhutt teri ki we must follow our Prophet our Master our king our Rehmat ullil aalaameen (SAW) who is flawless, infallible, greatest of the great Prophet of Allah, he has shown us the correct way to get up and refresh ourselves in the morning so that we get ready to complete the tasks of the day and do not feel lazy.
Using Miswak revitalizes your whole mind body and soul and also gives you countless blessings and health benefits.
Thus following our Prophet Mohammed (saw) gives us immense blessings and advantages.
So do these things first in the morning Miswak eyes rub massage.
And it is a miracle of Allah you will notice the great difference.

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