Hidden secrets of pure giving

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There are some secrets which are totally hidden, unknown and unheard of pure giving a giving which has been given with utmost selflessness.
The one who gives achieves success
One who sacrifices to give achieves greatness.
Table of contents
1-Author introduction.
2-Root cause of crime in this world and it`s perfect solution in giving
3-The best and perfect formula of success which is not popular
4- Charity a life saver
5-Charity a provider
6-Something which is more powerful and better than charity

7-The best way to become perfect and best among people.

8- Enemy softener : turn your enemies into friends forever.
9-Prayer a cure and road to permanent success
10-The main cause why people are unsuccessful
11-Miraculous solution in the remembrance of Allah and problems which are created by pleasing and over indulging yourself in people.



Third World Wonder!

Hidden secrets of pure giving!

Author Introduction:
Iam farah naaz, Iam a thinker and philosopher and student of Islamic preaching’s i have a passion to write since my childhood days.
I have something very precious, hidden and unknown secrets to share with this world which can change your life into better and help others to solve their problems.
There`s famous saying of Hazrath Ali (RA)
“Happiness do not teach that much which sorrow can teach you a great deal.”
My sorrows and my sufferings has taught me some very hidden
And unknown things which can prove to be very beneficial for others.
Actually nothing happens without the will of Allah
It is Allah`s wish and blessing that he gave me some wisdom
Which can be shared with others and if applied practically, it can really change your life and make you success.
Many people are unaware of the joys of pure giving.
People have notion especially rich people have this idea that if they give they are decreasing their wealth or they have jealousy
That if others become rich or achieve something more than them they will not be able to bear it because their ego ask them to see them always on top of others and never try to make poor reach their level.
Iam a person who has seen two horrible divorces my little children has been snatched away forcibly from me and im not even allowed to visit them or call them.
They only visit me once in two weeks because my x husband is afraid of police.
After my divorces the story do not end I lost my job and I have gone through very serious depression but with the will of Allah and because of only his blessings iam back to normal and living with Allah`s gratitude.
I really want to tell my readers something great about pure giving which we do forgetting our own selves and sacrificing ourselves for others.
Once my mother was sick and gone to hospital, she suffered from food poisoning and it came as a shock to me because at that time I was studying in college and I was very young, I was too much scared to lose my mother and could not imagine any life without her.
We have gone through some tough time in the hospital and I was all the time crying, and could not sleep there because of horrible sounds of dogs crying and cats fighting and sick men shouting from other rooms out of pain.
I came back home depressed about life
.Certainly Allah gives us pain to call us back to him.


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