Rare unknown 7 secrets to success

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What you try to snatch away from others is actually inside you
and you are the whole universe
closer to god!

Table of contents
1- Secret no:1 Taking loan from Allah and he doubles it to your credit.
2-Secret no:2 The root cause of sins done with tongue and the secret to get rid of it.
3- Secret no:3 Wise deeds and how to become a intelligent thinker and doer
4- Secret no:4 Absence of patience root cause of all problems and feuds.
5- Secret no:5 Gratitude the way to abundance and success not only in this world but also in the here-after.
6- Secrets associated with compassion and the greatness of it.
7- The greatness and miracles in Remembrance of Allah and power of Dua.

Very few people must be knowing these 7 rare unknown secrets to become successful not only in this world but also in here-after world.
These secrets if applied properly can change your life and will please Allah immensely.
If you applied and follow these 7 secrets in your life you will have ever-lasting blooming and loving relationships, good health, peace, happiness and more over you will be saved from problems, hurdles, difficulties, defame and other misfortunes.
You will have boosting confidence in public and while you are among your friends and cousins.
These secrets are present in Quraan and also in Hadees yet no one acknowledge it and follow it and they are not commonly discussed among muslims and others.
Secrets no :1:
Allah says in Sureh Asr and sureh Taghabun if you work for the cause of Allah that is like taking a beautiful loan from Allah and he will double it to your credit. If you work to spread the message of Allah and his Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and if you work to help the creation of Allah then Allah will give you success.
Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said that if you see that your hand is so tight and there is no way to get any provision and sustenance from anywhere then give charity and start doing business with Allah.
Secret no:2: Stop the malice of your tongues
Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Said “Most of your sins is because of your tongue.”
In one more Hadees Our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) says Shall i tell you about one deed which do not require any energy and hardwork and which do not give you tiredness and yet it pleases Allah and me and Allah will give you reward for doing it.
They asked what is that deed Ya rasool Allah (Saw)
Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said it is silence and modest behavior
One day our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said those who saved themselves from fornication adultery and sins committed from their tongues i the Prophet of Allah Mohammed (SAW) will give witness that they will surely go to paradise.
See count the sins we do with our tongues
lies, “All bad things in this world are lies and waste created by Satan.”
Backbiting, gossipping, slandering, creating feuds, making fun of the creation of Allah, mocking others, uttering bad words and filth and revealing your own mistakes and secrets and hurting others, arguing and creating feuds among good friends.
These all things can be stopped if we learn to control our tongue.
Now how do we do that?
We must think before we speak which can save us from feeling guilty after uttering without thinking.
there are some questions which you must ask yourself before speaking if you notice all the sins and foolishness we create with tongue is only because at that time we are either speaking about ourselves or other human beings.
If we stop speaking about human and things and matters belong to certain humans then we can be saved from thousands of problems in our lives.
Ask yourself these questions before speaking
Is it human?
Does it belong to any human including yourself as you are also a human.
Is it true?
is it necessary and useful ?
That`s it you are done if the answers are positive speak and if the answer is no then do not speak.


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