Sacrificing Success true words of wisdom

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A sacrificing success is a self help book which can change your life into successful story and good luck.



Sacrifising Success!

 The minute you are selfish you are failure and the minute you are giver you are a success! Importance to know about needs and laws of needs.

1) Hadees on needs.

2) The law of profit!

3) The trick of bribe

4) The trick of loss!

 The minute you are selfish you are a failure, the minute you are giving you are a success!

a)The root cause of all crime is selfishness and indifference to others sufferings.


6- Oneness to win. Mind is capable of holding only one thought at a time.Distractions and divertions do help in relieving stress.

The 12 laws of karma and importance of understanding oneness and unity.

Oneness could actually solve all the problems and makes person realize the worth and importance of the life of all. It can only happen if we see ourselves in others and do not get indifferent to others suffering and pains.



7- The philosophy of Repetation.

  1. The story How a wild tiger melts with a repeated devotion of a woman.
  2. The story of an endless daffodils garden
  3. The story of repeated complains to poison a husbands mind against wife.
  4. The power of repeated words to change our lives.
  5. The miracle of mentally retarded child who learnt with repetations.
  6. Your child can come first and become intelligent if you follow technique of repetation and the technique of making something out of nothing.
  7. The power of subconscious mind and how it works with repetations, habits and images.
  8. Make your children self dependant.
  9. Goal list.

9) Listen to the first voice of heart.

10) Your share of money and how to save and manage it.

  1. a) Charity


  1. c) Expenses.


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