Satan enters human body 7 doors from where evil enters

Satan enters human body7 doors of our physical self from where evil enters inside of us.

The first door from where Satan enters human body is an eye:

When anyone look at some woman or Man forbidden by AllahOr when you look at any person with a lustful eyes or with hatred and envious eyes or jealous eyes or when you peep inside someone`s home when they are spending their private time and spy on them, all these are sins committed from eyes and from eyes evil enters inside of us.Because what we see, we imagine later and through eyes evil pictures are created inside our minds and from here evil is born.Eyes are like poisonous weapon which attacks others and harms them.The second door from where Satan enters human body is ears,Now you must be thinking how evil can enter inside us through ears,Did you remembered when you were small you do not know bad words and you do not know the meaning of bad words, how did you learn those bad dirty words it is through listening right so when you listen to those lustful lyrics of songs and listen when someone is telling bad words to others and backbiting you are committing sin through your ears and it is from where again evil enters inside you.

The third door from where Satan enters human body is tongue:

just observe how many sins a person can commit through tongue,you can humiliate, hurt and insult others through tongue, you can backbite, slander and create feuds with tongue, you can tell lies and deceive others through tongue, you can argue and disobey through tongue, you can utter those dirty and bad words through tongue, you can utter nonsense when angry and frightful with tongue, you can reveal your secrets and private life with tongue, you can sing lustful shameless songs through tongue which surely displease Allah and so tongue is the main door from where evil enters inside of us and

Our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said ” Most of your sins are only because of your tongue.”

The fourth and fifth door from where Satan enters human body is hands and legs:

writing romantic love stories and poems, pressing button and texting forbidden men and woman and chatting with them, stealing and harming someone are all done with hands and going to bar and drinking alcohol and dancing are sins committed through legs and so hands and legs have also become the doors from where shaitan make a place inside of us.Now the main doors comesPrivate parts and stomach

Our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said “Those who safeguard their private parts from sins and control their tongue i guarantee them paradise on judgement`s day.”

Saving yourself from lustful thoughts which ultimately lead to masturbation also comes in safeguarding our private parts.Finally stomach and this is the main way of a Satan because all greed all desires, all envy takes birth inside the stomach of a glutton and gluttony is the main reason why people hurt each other and commit sins.“Those who eats more invite diseases and Satan to enter his body and ruin whole life.”That is why our Prophet Mohammed (saw) said“A muslim eats with one stomach but  a non-believer eats with seven stomachs.”

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