Satan unknown trap helpless reasons to sin

Satan unknown trap helpless reasons to sin

Satan unknown trap is creating helpless reasons to sin, many surveys have been conducted and criminals have been asked why they sin?

Their answer is shocking almost all of them give helpless reasons to sin

,1- They blame others or

2- They blame their situation and circumstances

3- they blame their uncontrollable impatient nature and habits.Many do not even plan they just do it so suddenly and quickly.

This is a Satan unknown trap to catch the victim making them helpless and impatient because in Quraan Allah says ” Innallah maa aasaabireen.”which means Allah is with the one who is patient.

And Sureh Asr Allah says “Those who are patient Allah gives them victory.

See the value of patience Allah makes it so invaluable that he has made great rewards for the people who practice patience and do not complain where as in today`s modern world a man is very impatient, unfair and show much ingratitude towards life.

He never count his blessings and focus only on others faults and mistakes or complain about circumstances.Sometimes a thief gives helpless reason to rob saying he is poor and has no food to give for his little kids.An abuser  i don`t like to use that word gives reason when asked why he did it? He says either a woman excited him or his wife has been sick for long time.

Satan unknown trap is he creates sin first in the mind of a person and makes him so helpless to do wrong things

For example a person who has habit of telling lies

when asked why he lied?

He or she often says that he or she was so afraid of punishment or shame that`s why they lie.

Telling truth is invaluable and it is a brave task, a person has to be daring and brave to speak always the truth and never escape like cowards and cheap brat by taking the short way of telling lies

.The biggest punishment for a lair is even his truth is suspected and he is never believed by anyone.

And the biggest reward for a person who always speak truth is everyone trust that person believes them and he do not need to swear to prove his or her point.

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