Taking louder burps hadith on this!

Taking louder burps this is what our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said about it.

 As we generally know Taking louder burps is bad among people and social gathering and it is considered  bad manners and out of etiquette.

 We generally do not like people who burp louder and then say sorry or excuse me. And it looks so embarrassing and awkward too. See what our beloved Prophet Mohammed (saw) said about Taking louder burps.

 “It is said that Prophet Mohammed (saw) said that he do not like loud burps. Once one of his disciple was sitting with him when he was preaching everyone and he was burping now and then loudly.

 To that Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (saw) replied “Keep your burps away from us because those who eat that much full stomachs in this world will remain hungry all through the day of judgement.”

 There are many people who do not know this hadees they eat a lot and burp a lot and do not even consider it awkward or bad but it sounds even more worse because they do not feel guilty about it.

 Example a wife burping loudly in front of her husband and do not even say excuse me or husband doing the same. And a boss burping loudly before employees because he has power they are employees who works under him and their opinion does not matter to him.

 And we could find many people they do not even try to conceal the ugly voice it creates or to add more they do not even care about saying an excuse.

 Keep watch over this issue Keep this in mind if you are desperately burping loudly then remember our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) who was the master and king of good manners.

 He preached us good manners and said the best among you is the one who has good manners.       

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