The fake trap of businessmen

Once i went out with family members to restaurant for eating lunch.

And there we waited a lot for the lunch to arrive, we ordered, Chicken Biryani, tandoori chicken, mutton curry, and butter naan.

The waiters brought lunch very late after a long wait, then when our food has arrived on the table some other guests appeared in the restaurant, they were also waiting for their order to arrive and i guess they must be hungry so they were staring at us a lot while we were eating and guess what happened after coming home no one was feeling well and we got stomach ache  the same day and diarrhea the next day.

We became the victim of evil eyes.This is what happens when we disobey the commands of Allah and our Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

Allah has command woman to be inside their homes as much as possible and travel only when it is very urgent and necessary and our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said “Do not eat on streets and markets.”We can bring parcel to home eating out in Hotels, streets and markets is like showcasing our family members and doing exhibition of the woman in our family.

Do you like people staring at your mother or sister or wife when they are enjoying food, talking and laughing with you.

This is really disgusting and really cheap.And one more heart crushing incident happened at a bandi- bazaar One young college girl who was studying in college ordered paav bhaaji on Bandi and that Bandi Man was having AIDS accidentally while cutting onions his finger cuts and blood comes out and stick on the onions, when he served the girl she ate up his blood and got infected with AIDS.

All the fast food which is made out of Maida like Biscuits, cookies, buns, cakes, noodles, pizza, burgers which contains fats like refined oils, cheese and mayonnaise are not doing any good to your body

.Do you know how much time Maida takes to digest our body systems has to work so hard to be able to digest that Maida which is not giving any nutrition to your body and that cheese, creams and mayonnaise are adding fats on your bellies.Oh my Allah! have mercy on all of us.

The fake trap of Boxes bottles packets

Companies and Business men`s main goal and motive is making money and gaining profits and they compete with other companies and want to become number one. To your realization companies and firms do not care about the health of general public, they produce their products packed in the form of Boxes bottles packets which are ruining the health of common Man.

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