Vibes return back and strike us

Vibes return back and strike you

 Did you ever realized sometime back when you blame someone for something because they really did something wrong to you and you are frustrated and give out all those angry vibes towards that person sometime later or after many years the same vibes angry vibes come back towards you no matter you do something wrong or not,

someone is going to misunderstand you and direct the same vibes towards you and this is real Vibes return back and they do. It`s worth noting point and the most key point is no matter you do wrong or not may be you are innocent and still you are being blamed and the same angry vibes are directed towards you.

 I wonder and think this is how all the innocent people are punished for the sins they do not do in this world as this world is the home of misunderstanding because they are very few and none who could be able to understand others.

 I have observed many time my Vibes return back to me and the funny and striking part is if you adore and admire someone you are going to get the same adoration and admiration in return no matter you do good to them or you deserve it or not.

 Someone has really said well what you give you get naah! we must say now what energy you give to others the same energy we will get back from others.

 Guys be cautious and have patience at the time when you are feeling hate, angry, or jealous towards others because this energy is going to return back to you in some way or the other

 not now but after some years so be prepared now and think of what energy you have given to others all your life and to whom and be prepared to face the same energy in your life because i assure you that Vibes return back and they do definitely return back

And if they have not returned then this can only happen because of Allah and it is a miracle of Allah. 

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